Life Academy: Exposed

By: Raynetta Van, Sophomore

Thing I like about Life Academy:

  • Teachers push you.
  • Internships
  • CCIC
  • Small School
  • More attention for the students

 Things I dislike about Life Academy

  • Dirty
  • So small that everybody knows everything and everybody
  • Short Lunch Period
  • No off campus lunch
  • Not diverse

The thing I like about Life Academy is that teachers push you. They push you because they know that you’re capable of a great work. Life Academy also has a great internship program. The College Career Information Center (CCIC) gives great support for the students here at Life Academy. With a small school teacher and staff can give more attention to each student and help the students more.

The things I dislike about Life Academy are that its dirty, it have rats, and there is trash everywhere. This is an awesome small public school, but it’s too small. Everybody knows each other and everything that goes on in this school. This school has such a short lunch period, and we basically can’t do anything. As high school students, we should have off campus lunch, but some adults feel like we will come back late or we wont come back at all.

By: Makayla Tarango, Sophomore

I love that Life Academy has great standards for its school and most importantly for its students. This school is focused, hard working, and is the best place for career opportunists. Students are held to college standards and are expected to complete all work and appreciate every experience. Life Academy is challenging and interesting. I feel I have grown as a student and woman while attending here.

What I dislike about Life Academy is how sometimes the teachers are unfair about work. When I fail a test or miss an assignment, I try to go to my teacher on my own time to talk about it. When I ask the teacher about making up an assignment, some of them tell me they “don’t do” make up work. I don’t understand that. I feel like the first time for everything in life is not always perfect. We sometimes deserve a second chance to show our full potential. I think they should give their students even the smallest second chance. It will be worth it (speaking for myself).

By: Felicia Martinez, Junior

Love about Life Academy:

  •  Not a lot of drama
  • It’s like your second family
  • Everyone knows each other
  • A lot of kids graduate
  • Internships
  • Best afterschool programs
  • Has the CCIC
  • Teachers helps out a lot

Dislike about Life Academy:

  • Not very diverse
  • Doesn’t feel like a “real” high school (no school spirit)
  • Don’t offer sports
  • Not very organized
  • Don’t offer fun classes/electives (art, P.E., French, etc.)
  • No AP classes
  • No lockers!!
  • Share campus with Middle School

The main thing that I love about this school is that there is not a lot of drama. Most people think that an Oakland school is the most dangerous thing ever, but our school contradicts that thought. Yes, of course, we have that little drama but we rarely have fights and everyone somewhat gets along. At my old school, everyday there would be some type of drama whether it was “she-stole-my-man” drama or “bruh-did-you-look-at-me” drama. And, over half of the school was full of fake people and the school was huge. Since this school is small, most of the students here handle themselves in a respectful manner.

The thing I dislike about Life Academy is that it doesn’t have that “high school feel.” It doesn’t have the school spirit, sports, fun school activities, etc. Before I came to Life Academy, my old school had fun dances, football games, and other fun activities. At this school, we just care to do the academic work. Don’t get me wrong, that is a great thing. However, we still are teenagers we need the excitement too. Even our town halls are boring. What we need at this school is a leadership class that will actually do work for the whole school not just for one specific class. It should be more organized and included not only just seniors. It should be a class you can be put in with all different grades, but at this school they don’t really care about feeling like a REAL high school.  We don’t even have lockers. People even say that our school looks like a middle school, and I couldn’t agree more.

By: Zeida Lopez, Senior

7 things I love about Life Academy:

  • My friends
  • Small school
  • Extra attention from everybody
  • Hands on internships
  • Class fieldtrips
  • A lot of help applying to college
  • Helps a lot of seniors graduate

7 things I hate about Life Academy:

  • We don’t off campus lunch
  • We have a limited budget
  • We have rats
  • Share campus with a middle school
  • Cafeteria lunch is nasty
  • We have a stupid mascot
  • People have attitude problems

One of the things I love about Life Academy is that we get extra attention from everybody. Since it’s a small school, everybody knows who you are or at least sees you everyday. It’s good because you can get a lot of support from your teachers because they know you and can work with you one on one.

One of the things I dislike about Life Academy is that we have a limited budget. Therefore, we can’t afford to buy a lot of supplies we need for school; teachers have to buy supplies on their own. We also can’t have prom as fancy and nice as we want. Lastly, we can’t have our graduation any place we want to.

By: Brenda Sanchez, Senior

Seven things I love about Life Academy:

  • Small school
  • Friends go here
  • Teachers pay attention to you
  • Internship opportunities
  • Class field trips
  • Help with college (CCIC)
  • Extra help with work (Advisory)

Seven things I dislike about Life Academy

  • Share building with a middle school
  • No off campus lunch (Crappy lunch)
  • Budget Cuts
  • Dirty (rats and garbage)
  • Class of 2013, 2014, 2015
  • No mascot
  • Teachers can be nosey

What I love about Life Academy is that it is a small school, so it gives the teachers a chance to pay individual attention to the students. If the school were bigger, then teachers wouldn’t have the time to check up on all the students about their work and how to improve their grades.

What I dislike about Life Academy is that we share the building with a middle school. Afterschool, there is a lot of traffic since parents from both schools come and pick their kids up. Also, we have to share the gym, cafeteria, and auditorium with them.

By: Janet Cerna, Senior

Things I Like About Life Academy:

  • Great internships
  • Helpful teachers
  • Helps you get to college
  • High graduate rate
  • Diverse
  • Small school
  • Responsible teachers

Things I Dislike About Life Academy:

  • The rats in the building
  • Share campus
  • Not enough money
  • Nasty cafeteria food
  • The freshman’s
  • Close to a freeway
  • We don’t have no sports

I really like Life Academy because it is a really diverse school. We have students from different ethnicities. Also, the students get to learn a lot about their classmates’ races. You get to learn the different customs and traditions of the students in this school and you get to experience how their customs are.

I really dislike that Life Academy does not have enough money. By not having money that makes Life Academy students really mad because we can’t afford to have really expensive things in school. Also, we can’t afford to waste money on stuff that is not necessary.

Opinion Articles Were Edited By: Eva Oliver, Digital Journalism Coach


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