Life Academy Students Dare to DREAM

By: Makayla Tarango  

Governor Brown signed the second part of “The California Dream Act” (AB 131) as of October 8, 2011. The signing of this second document allows students to receive Cal-Grants in addition to private scholarships and loans in AB 130.

All by itself, this piece of news is exciting. However, the reason why I am writing an article on this matter is because my peers at Life Academy made it their business to help get this act passed. These students donated a lot of there own time to the cause.

Students in the afterschool program called “The Real Dream Act Kids” sent letters to Governor Brown asking him to help pass it. They also went class by class, getting other students, teachers, administrators, and staff members to send in a copy of the letter.

These kids and their teacher, Pablo Venturino, recently spoke at the school’s celebration of Latino Heritage Month about “The California Dream Act” and how they will continue and support undocumented persons.

I am proud to have witnessed my fellow classmates work passionately to help people other than themselves to get an equal opportunity at higher education.


Edited By: Eva Oliver, Digital Journalism Coach


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