Full House at the 9th Annual Immigration Film Festival

By: Yuvitza Rivera, Sophomore





On Tuesday, October 11, 2011 at exactly 4:36 p.m., Life Academy hosted its 9th annual Immigration Film Festival.  With a full house of people (teachers, students, parents, other guests) and the heat of the room 249, the students were prepared to show off their immigration stories. Each story had its own theme and purpose, but many of the stories showed people looking for a better life in a new country. Filled with excitement and curiosity, the event lasted until 8:00 p.m.

The Oscars were given out to the best seven videos of the night.

Eriberto Jimenez and Jesus Munoz were the first group to receive an Oscar for having best dialogue in their video called The Life of an Immigrant.

Juan Luna and Kevin Vale received an Oscar for having the best screenplay in their digital story titled Exodus.

Michelle Rosas and Adrian Urrutia won an Oscar for having the best pictures on their video titled It’s Not the Same.

The digital story named I Did It For My Children by Dariyna Loch and Hernan Gallo won the Oscar for everything. It was just really, really great!

Lobsan Barrera and Edwin Rico, with their video titled Knocking Down the Walls of Poverty, won an Oscar for having the best music.

For being one of the best-edited videos, Maribel Sanchez and Alejandra Perez won an Oscar with their digital story titled My So Called American Dream.

Each group of students dressed professionally. They started out by giving an interesting fact and their interviewee’s name – many of whom were relatives of the students.

With each digital story came different voices, perspectives, music, pictures, and flavors.

“Learning how people have different experience about coming to the United States,” was how Andrea Barba, a student who participated in the event, described her best part of the event.

Although each film was unique, all of the digital stories seemed to tell of change, achievement, and progress.

“If the mountain doesn’t come to you then you go to the mountain,” said Lobsan Barrera and Edwin Rico’s interviewee about the experience of being interviewed and then watching the final product.

As the event progressed, many more stories were told. The audience decreased in size. The event came to a close with stories told and untold.

“Rushed, stressful, but really great,” the host, Mr. Kolluri, stated.


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