Real Ambitious Women

By: Makayla Tarango, Sophomore 

The women’s group that I participate in at school named RAW (which stands for Real Ambitious Women) has been having wonderful sessions lately.

Just last week, my fellow RAW ladies and I were watching a movie called Real Women Have Curves, which told a story of a young Hispanic woman’s struggle of having to follow her families traditions, but wanting to make decisions on her own. I thought the movie was very relevant and gave good examples on how to deal with my parents opinions on how my life should be and also how to understand my own opinions.

Today in RAW we had a delicious potluck during lunch time in which most of the girls came and brought some type of food to share. We talked and had a great time. After our meal, we got together in groups of two or three to work on posters about how the media perceives and shows women. Everyone in the class cut out pictures and articles from magazines, expressing how a woman should look like, act like, and dress like according to the media. I thought the experience was fun and made it even more apparent that those “ super model expectations ” do not apply at all.

I look forward to attending future sessions for RAW and to continuing to be informed about how beautiful and powerful woman are. We are all REAL AMBITIOUS WOMEN!!!

Edited By: Eva Oliver, Digital Journalism Teacher


2 comments on “Real Ambitious Women

  1. mistresspage says:

    Right on!

  2. Renee Marcy says:

    Thanks for your article about RAW. I am glad to learn about such an interesting and engaging group!

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