By: Natalia Espinoza, Sophomore  

This week, from 10/31 to 11/4, was our school’s spirit week. The senior leadership class assigned each day a theme.

Spirit Week 2011:

Monday: Costume day! (Halloween)

Tuesday: Calacas day/Pajama day

Wednesday: Twin day

Thursday: Wacky Tacky day

Friday: Gender Bender Day or Student/Teacher Day!

(Friday got changed to professional day due to the Internship Fair.)

 I think that the leadership class should have had planned the spirit week better because they told us about it like three days before. Also, they had to change Friday from “Student/Teacher or Gender Bender Day” to “Professional Day” last minute.

I think it could of been better if they had planned it earlier and posted the week’s themes earlier. Only a quarter of the school dressed up, which was disappointing. In fact, I only dressed up for Halloween because I didn’t know about the other days.

On the other hand, I do think Life Academy’s students and teachers have a lot of spirit because the ones who knew about spirit week were dressed up and having a lot of fun.

Edited By: Eva Oliver, Digital Journalism Teacher


One comment on “Spirited?

  1. Yumi Matsui says:

    Hi Natalia! I’m so glad you are writing about what’s happening at Life. Too bad more people didn’t dress up. Maybe this will help you when you start planning for next year ;)! I miss spirit week! We had a huge Halloween celebration here too but I think Life does it better!

    Keep writing!

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