The Stress of FACES

By: Raynetta Van, Sophomore  

I just applied to the FACES for the Future program. According to their website, FACES is all about, “Inspiring youth to lead by creating innovative approaches to youth development, health careers preparation, and wellness. Through their transformation, we change the face of health” (

If accepted to the FACES program, students will complete a rigorous and life-changing 2 ½ year internship.

The process of applying to FACES for the Future is really mind-boggling.  For me, it was kind of chaotic because when people received their applications I was at home. I had no clue that I was able to get mine until I talked to my friend. So, I instantly emailed one of my teachers, and she happily emailed me the application.

When I first saw the application I went immediately went to the short-essay questions because all of them require some in depth thinking, and I tend to struggle with that.

I remember watching the current juniors fill out their application last year. Some of them stayed until 7:00 p.m. I also saw how they put their hearts into it; I could tell some of them really wanted to be accepted into the program.

One thing that really caught my eye last year was when my advisee Andrea was crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said she couldn’t find her flash drive, which had the most recent saved copy of her application on it. She didn’t give up. Yes, she was upset because she had put everything she had into her application. She had to start everything over, but I’m glad she didn’t give up because she is now in FACES.

The FACES application has eight questions that force you to be really metacognitive. Then, you have to get a recommendation from a teacher you trust. The application is stressful because you have to answer hard questions that require in depth thinking, and it has a deadline. But, overall you just try your best and give it your all.

This year’s sophomores will find out about their acceptance status approximately in December 2011.

Edited By: Eva Oliver, Digital Journalism Teacher


One comment on “The Stress of FACES

  1. Renee Marcy says:

    Hello, Raynetta,
    I really appreciate your article about the Stress of FACES. I think it is obvious that students really care about being a part of an important health-focused program that challenges them. Plus, I think the application process demonstrates that hard work is required in order to succeed in the internship. I wish you all the best in your application. Whatever your internship, I am confident that you will learn so much because the meta-cognition and reflection that you are doing now shows that you are already invested in learning as a Habit for you life. That is awesome! 🙂

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