Dia de los Muertos — Perspective #2

By: Brenda Sanchez, Senior 

Life Academy’s juniors from Español para Hispano Hablantes (EPH) organized a town hall about how people celebrate the Day of the Dead. “Dia de Los Muertos,” Day of the Dead, is celebrated for young kids who have passed on November 1 and celebrated for the adults who have passed on November 2. These days are when your loved ones who have passed away come and visit.

The stage for the first scene was set up with a group of young men, faces painted like skulls, drinking. Young women, faces painted as well, walked around, interacting with them. You see the men stumbling over each other as they try to get up. Cumbia music breaks out and a lot of skulls come out and start dancing. These Calaveras had on different shirts like jerseys and dresses.

The second scene shows the story behind a young girl that has set up an altar for her sister who passed away. The altar that is set up has a skeleton mask, a lit up candle, a clay pot, and some bread. They also showed her favorite food, like tacos and churros.

At the end, it shows how the two sisters got together and danced their favorite song – just how they used to.

Edited By: Eva Oliver, Digital Journalism Teacher


One comment on “Dia de los Muertos — Perspective #2

  1. Yumi Matsui says:

    Brenda! My lovely advisee! It’s good to see you are writing/blogging about what’s going on at school. I miss Dia de los Muertos. We don’t have that here in Colombia but we are going to have this big celebration called the Cabildo next week. There is going to be cultural dancing and a huge parade at school. I will try to send you some pics to see how they compare.

    I miss you and I can’t believe you are a senior now! You better go to college ;)!

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