Series: Advisor Interviews — Ms. Young

By: Yuvitza Rivera, Sophomore 

Ms. Kimberly Young is a Spanish and reading teacher at Life Academy of Health and Bioscience. She graduated from the University of Berkeley with B.A in Ethnic Studies and got her M.A. at Stanford. She is a teacher who believes strongly in the power of education. She is mother to Nico and is getting married in the summer. She is also my advisor.

Question 1: What inspired to become a teacher?

Answer:  Education can powerfully change the path of someone’s life.


Question 2: What is your purpose for being a teacher?

Answer: To make sure all students have choices and opportunities within their own life. Education is the key to choice and opportunities.


Question 3: What have you learned about teaching?

Answer: That you never are going to be a perfect teacher because every year students change and part of being a really good teacher is being reflection, responsive teacher. When kids change, you (the teacher) have to adapt. Being flexible is really important.


Question 4: What is the best part of being a teacher?

Answer: You get to laugh a lot because teenagers are hilarious. You laugh with them; sometimes I laugh at them. [It’s] really fun to be around different personalities.


Question 5: What is the best memory you have of teaching?

Answer: There is a good experience everyday, [but] watching my first class that I taught graduate was definitely my highlight.


Question 6: Would you like your students to become teachers?

Answer: Some of them. I think if you like to be around teenagers and understand importance of education and if you [believe] that being a good teacher can transform someone’s life, then yes you should be a teacher. If you do it to just get summer off, then no [this] job is too important to have lazy people.


From this interview, I have learned that Ms. Young is a very deep and passionate person when it comes to answering questions. She values education and expresses it in such a way that she makes you have hope and makes you believe in what she believes. She is and will be a very important person in my life for me to succeed.  I have also learn that she will push me very much and be on top of my grades during these next few years of high school. But, most importantly, I have learned that if you want opportunities to do what you want, then education will get you there.   And, in this country, no one can take that right of educating ourselves. We, as students, must take this as an advantage because there are those who don’t have education and wish they had. We do, so we must not misuse it.


Edited By: Eva Oliver, Digital Journalism Teacher



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