First EVER Soccer Tournament – Life Academy vs. Base High School

By: Dania Cabello, Youth Developer and Futbolistas Coach

Tired Futbolistas after a long, hard-fought game!

Wednesday was a great day for the futbolistas as they had their first ever mini-7v7-tournament against Base High School.

What initially started off as a pilot game, to test the waters between the two schools, ended up being a 50+ person attended tournament right on Life Academy’s campus!

Base was very prepared and brought two soccer squads and a group of videographers to document the activities.

I felt so proud of all of the futbolistas that played, and equally as proud of the 20+ LIFE students that came to watch, cheer, scream, and support their classmates in positive athletic competition.

The teams played 2 games – the first was a mix of sophomore, junior, and senior boys. They played very well as a team and ended up tying Base 4-4!

The second game was the Freshman team (and Omar del Rio). They won 4-2!

These young men and women deserve much praise as they not only played like a true team, but demonstrated just how skillful they all are with the ball. Major shout outs to Nubia and Theresa (freshman girls) for stepping up and playing with and against some intimidating young men…they saved goals, got involved and took risks!

This is going to become a monthly game between LIFE and Base, at alternating sites, and we hope to host more between some of the neighborhood high school teams.

Be sure to come out and watch the next game!

Edited By: Eva Oliver, Digital Journalism Teacher


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