Student Reflection — Martin Luther King Jr. “Day of Service”

The community working together to build benches on the MLK Jr. Day of Service (1/16/12)

By: An Tran, Senior

My experience on Monday was absolutely memorable. I came when everybody had already gathered up around the table in a circle. Even though I was late, I was able to read the Peace Pledge out loud. I felt very honored! After that, I volunteered to help create the mural in the gym. However, there were a lot of people there so I changed my mind and helped Julio Magana instead. I drew my definition of peace, which came out so much better than I though it would!

The event was also nice because I had the chance to create a social network with everybody who was there. I met people who already graduated from college and volunteered because they saw our “advertisement” online.

After attending this event, I am now more informed about our Season of Peace-Building. I am proud to be a part of RAW and this plan because it shows that there are people who care! I hope that the good deeds that we are doing will help change those who are ignorant. I really enjoyed participating in the event!


Edited by: Eva Oliver, Digital Journalism Teacher


One comment on “Student Reflection — Martin Luther King Jr. “Day of Service”

  1. mistresspage says:

    It is truly wonderful to see what can be accomplished working together as a community. I hope Reverend King is looking down and smiling.

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