Fasting for Peace – Day Two

By Christian Cox, Sophomore

How I felt throughout the first few hours of the 1st day was HUNGRY. During my classes I started to develop a head ache, but it soon went away when I arrived home and drank ALOT of water and got started on my Homework. The worst part of the day was waking up in the morning with my stomach asking for food! I also watched my younger brothers eat their food which made me even hungrier.

How my fast demonstrated my commitment to the “Season of Peace Building” was by showing I am willing to lose a day worth of protein, nutrients, and also feel a little pain for this movement. The best part of the day in my opinion was when I finally bit into the apple that Mr. Magaña gave to me. I literally started shaking when I felt the sweetness of that apple and it reminded me of how lucky I am to get to eat a warm breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

The “I-statement” that I chose was “I pledge to defend others that cannot defend themselves”. I chose this statement because I was bullied a lot when I was smaller, and it made me wish there was something like this a few years back so that there could be a kid to stand up for me. I guess I can be that person now and set a good example and be a good role model to my smaller siblings.

Another reason why I chose this was because B.A.M wanted to do something about bullying so we combined it with the pledge and added the fast. What we R.A.W and B.A.M members are hoping for is that this fast, which we are starting, will leave a lasting impact on the community and will continue for years to come. It already has been heard by at least one person all the way out in Texas! The OPD wants to talk to our R.A.W and B.A.M leaders about how we can work together to build peace! It is already growing faster than what I had expected! It’s barely the 2nd day of fasting and we have already been asked by three high schools and one middle school to go and start the movement in their school.

This experience has opened my mind to many things that I  have never thought of before. I hope this will continue for years to come and so that I can be a enthusiastic participant.

Edited by Yuvitza Rivera


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