Fasting for Peace – Day Three

By: Blanca Burciaga, Senior

Blanca Burciaga (center) ended her 24-hour fast on 1/19/12 at 12:30 p.m. She was the first RAW member to fast.

I want to begin by saying that it was a privilege to participate in a fast that has so much meaning into it.

While I was fasting I had many thoughts, and I also had many concerns. I felt that since I was fasting I had to create awareness about many things that surround our community, but I had no idea how to do that. Then, I realized that I was making a difference just by fasting and showing people in my school and in my community that I did care and that I wasn’t an ignorant teenager like many tend to say.

Throughout the day I also felt very exhausted. I was in a bad mood most of the day – I guess because I had no sugar in my system. The hardest part of the day was when the clock hit 5 pm. Since I am used to having a meal at that time, I was feeling very irritated because I couldn’t even chew gum.

The best part of the day was realizing how important it is for me to be a part of this fast; I feel very proud and lucky to have made a small difference today.

“I pledge to raise awareness about sexual assault and rape and to give voice to the victims of these crimes” was the pledge that I reflected on throughout my fast. Many thoughts came to my mind, but one of the main thoughts was: how can I raise awareness about this problem in our society? I also thought a lot about giving voice to the victims of this crime. I thought about the fear that comes into the victims of rape. I asked myself numerous times about why was it that rape happens? What causes it?

There were so many questions in my head, but I just couldn’t figure out the answer to them. I hope RAW and BAM together can come up with ideas to give the victims of rape and sexual assault a voice. Most of all, I hope that we can come together to give support to these people.

By participating in this fast, I demonstrated that I am not an ignorant teenager and that I am willing to sacrifice anything to create awareness about peace-building. I believe that every faster who participates in this fast is showing that they care about all the life’s lost due to violence.

By completing 24 hour fast, I showed my commitment to my community, my people, and my family. By fasting I showed that Oakland is not all guns and violence; Oakland is a place that is also filled with wonderful people who care about their community and are willing to make a change little by little.

I know and I hope that the Season of Peace-Building, which the Life Academy community is facilitating, makes a difference in people. I hope that more people join us and show that they care as much as we do. I believe that events like this one are what make things change, because change starts with the people in our own community.

Edited By: Eva Oliver, RAW C0-Coach


2 comments on “Fasting for Peace – Day Three

  1. Julio Magana says:

    daaaaamn, what a soldier Ms Burciaga!. this is one remarkable young woman and her analysis is so important. outsiders try to come in and fix things and fail because they dont value the culture of the communities they enter. these young people know and are showing a whole different angle of Oakland youth. i am excited to help bring RAW and BAM together to support and stand publicly against rape and domestic/teen-dating violence. She is so on point, the fast shows commitment. this long campaign highlights the BAM principle to embody our principles 24/7/365….-somos one/ Mr. Magana (BAM adult coach)

  2. mistresspage says:

    Blanca, I am amazed at your level of commitment and courage, and I salute your accomplishment. Miss Oliver’s Mom

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