Fasting For Peace – Day Five

By: Hanna Dobashi, Sophomore

Throughout the whole day, I felt okay — I guess. I wasn’t really hungry. I usually fast for religious purposes. So, that’s probably why it was a little bit easier for me.

The worse part of the day was having my cousins over. They brought pizza with them! I didn’t want to break the fast, so my friends and I went outside instead of staying inside with that pizza smell. I didn’t know that my cousins were coming over until the last minute, but I still survived.

It was around 10:00 p.m. when I started feeling hungry, so I fell asleep.

The next day, went pretty quickly. I woke up around 11:15 a.m. and took a shower. I went upstairs and watched a movie. When I finally looked up, it was 1:20 p.m. I was done!

The I-Statement for the Peace Pledge that I reflected on was: “I understand that I am an important part of a learning environment.” A thought that was going through my mind was what I needed to do before this marking period ends. So, I finished some of my missing work.

I invited two of my advisees to fast with me, Lupe M. and Berenice C. They were pretty hungry!

My participation in the Fast Relay demonstrates my commitment to Life Academy’s Season of Peace-Building because I committed to the 24-hour fast and I followed through!

Edited by: Eva Oliver, RAW Co-Coach


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