Fasting for Peace – Day Twelve

By: Patricia Murillo, Executive Director of Alternatives in Action

Patricia Murillo, Executive Director of Alternatives in Action, fasted on Friday, January 27 in order to support the Season of Peace-Building.

It’s almost noon, and I’m coming to the end of my fast.  I’m feeling the empty space in my tummy. And, it feels good; it feels important.  I’m proud to be supporting the youth in this way.  I’m moved by their commitment and willingness to act.

I’ve spent today reflecting on my own commitment to action.  I’ve worked on behalf of children, youth and families for over twenty years.   I believe now more than ever that it is vitally important to create spaces for young people to be seen, to be loved and to be given tools to put words to big feelings. I continue to work with Alternatives in Action because we’re also giving young people opportunities to have experiences where they can see the power they have to shape their reality regardless of the circumstance.  Time after time, youth rise to the challenge, and like the work of BAM and RAW members on the campaign for the Season of Peace-Building, they inspire adults to do their part.

We must as adults own our responsibility to “not be indifferent” to the devastating impact of violence in our communities by driving policy changes to make guns less accessible and by fighting to elect politicians who stand for equity and who stand for children.  The youth from BAM and RAW are teaching us something deeply valuable – that in order to have lasting change in our community we must look inward and confront whatever violence or collusion with violence that rests there.  What would it mean if every adult in Oakland recognized that not getting involved is in itself collusion with the violence that has taken too many young lives in Oakland this year?  I have no doubt that Oakland would lead the way in California and nationally in its political will to stop the cycle of violence.  As for me, I’m committing to spreading the word far and wide about the campaign and the courage of these amazing young men and women to mobilize a community.

Please comment on this post if you supported today’s faster or fasted in solidarity with our movement.

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Edited By: Eva Oliver, RAW C0-Coach


One comment on “Fasting for Peace – Day Twelve

  1. Fern Kruger says:

    I am so moved by what you wrote and what you’ve done. I have not yet taken action but I commit to doing so. Thank you for stirring me up.

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