Fasting For Peace -Day Seventeen

By Waltor Grande, Junior

Walter Grande (center), Life Academy junior and BAM member, fasted on 2/1/12.

Throughout the day, I felt ready for the fast. The worst part of the day was when I tried to avoid the food because the smell always captured my attention. I managed to stay strong and experienced the pain so many people experience when they don’t have access to food.

The I-statement from the “Peace Pledge” that I reflected on was” I pledge to defend others who cannot defend themselves”. What went through my mind was a scene of a person going through a bad situation in which he couldn’t defend himself and no one else was defending him. But then I came to help him and sorted out the situation to make things different so there would be no problems and the peace would be kept.

My participation in the fast relay demonstrated my commitment to the Life Academy’s Season of Peace-Building by showing that I am not indifferent. I want to fight for my community so there can be change. When you are given an opportunity that can have a big affect you should it support it so that it may keep going on. This is what I have done at Life Academy. I hope that it also picks up at other schools, internships and programs.

I would like to thank Tracy Rocha for fasting with me. She is a Skyline student and a very great friend. We made it together throughout the 24 hours without eating. I feel great for having her support and that I fasted for a day.

Edited by Yuvitza Rivera, Sophomore

Please comment on this post if you supported today’s faster or fasted in solidarity with our movement.

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One comment on “Fasting For Peace -Day Seventeen

  1. mistresspage says:

    I remain amazed and in awe of this show of courage, compassion, and caring. You all WILL make a difference.

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