Fasting For Peace – Day Sixteen

By: Stephanie Vega, Freshman

Alondra Zuniga (left) fasted with Stephanie Vega (right), Life Academy freshman and RAW member, on 1/31/12.

Throughout the whole day I felt like all I wanted was food. The bast part of it was when I got home and fell asleep or when I woke up this morning and wasn’t hungry. The worst part about it was when I went to Walmart with my family and all I  saw was food. Also when my family was eating ice cream in front of me. I just can’t wait till it is 12:30 and I can eat again.

Nona volunteered to fast with me. She wanted to fast this month but it was full, so she decided to fast the same day as me so that she would have somebody to fast with. I feel like it was easier to fast with her because I had support. If she wouldn’t have been fasting with me, she probably would have eaten in front of me. I am very glad that we got through it together.

By: Alondra Zuniga, Senior

My participation in the Season of Peace-Building was a big struggle for me, but I made it through a whole day without eating . It was a nice feeling to do this to sacrifice one day of eating for those who spend more than 24 hours of not eating, not being able to have food.

I demostrated my commitment to the Life Academy’s Season of Peace-Building, by not breaking my fast. It was hard because the refrigerator was just across from my room, and it was hard to refrain from eating. But, i did. I stopped myself and didn’t eat for the 24 hours. Many things ran through my mind, but I stayed committed and came.

Many people asked me, “Why are you doing this? Its stupid…Your not stopping the violence!”  My responce to that sometimes wasn’t enough to get it through their heads that it was for a good cause.

I feel that I did my part to keep my word about my commitment to the fast. I would sacrifise many more days if I had to in order to show those who commit these violent crimes that what they are doing in unnecessary and wrong. Also, I would continue to feel what those who are in need of food feel when they don’t have food every day.  I would do anything to bring those who I loved — those who have passed away as a result of gun violence. I would sacrifice days without eating to see them here in this world.

Please comment on this post if you supported today’s faster or fasted in solidarity with our movement.

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Edited by Yuvitza Rivera, Sophomore, and Eva Oliver, RAW Co-Coach

One comment on “Fasting For Peace – Day Sixteen

  1. Ms. Thomas says:

    Nice work, Nona and Stephanie. I’m proud of you. I know Raul is proud of you, too 🙂

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