Fasting For Peace – Day Twenty

By Claire Crossett, Life Academy Teacher

During my fast, I chose to reflect on our Peace Pledge’s commitment to build up our beloved community in the name of peace. The power of community registers very clearly with me- in fact it’s what carried me through an entire 24 hours without food. When I took a job teaching at Life Academy two years ago, I could have never imagined that I was stepping in to a body of such loving students, staff and families all so inspiringly committed to their community. Every day I am reminded of how fortunate I am to be part of this school family. But even beyond Oakland, I come from what I have always held closely as a strong, loving community. I grew up in Chicago surrounded by my large (and loud) extended family. Our roots in the community run deeply; I am the fifth generation to be born in my hometown. I draw so much power, so much support, so much inspiration, and so much of my identity from the communities I belong to. What is more beautiful than to feel as though you share part in a collective narrative?

While fasting, I began to think of all those who lack that sense of community. Is that where violence stems from? When someone feels so utterly disconnected from their community, or finds so little worth in what surrounds them, they cannot see that to harm one’s neighbor is to harm one’s self.  How lonely it must feel to lack a sense of belonging in the broader world. The fortune of having a community so rich in personality and so purposeful in unity is something that I take for granted.  The realization makes me all the more proud to be part of this movement. Perhaps violence will always remain inexplicable and insurmountable until an entire community is ready to claim the victims as their own and reinvest in one another. 

Edited by Yuvitza Rivera, Sophomore

Please comment on this post if you supported today’s faster or fasted in solidarity with our movement.

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2 comments on “Fasting For Peace – Day Twenty

  1. T Dao says:

    great post! I really like the last line as it captures the idea that a community should struggle together (and celebrate together)

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