Fasting For Peace – Day Twenty-Two

By: Felicia Martinez, Junior

Felicia Martinez (right), a junior at Life Academy and RAW member, fasted on 2/6/12.

Throughout my fast I couldn’t help but have this thought in my mind of how hungry I was. I am a heavy eater, and this fast was very challenging for me. My worst mistake was going to a restaurant during my fast. The few people I was with were trying to pressure me into eating, and they would add on to my temptation of the flavor and the scent of a big juicy burger.

My close friend Yareli Hernandez was fasting with me, but unfortunately when I left her to go home she broke the fast due to peer pressure. She thought I would  be mad at her for giving up on herself, but I wasn’t. I was proud of her for trying. I was also proud of myself for actually following through my commitment to this fast. I fasted for a good cause. That means a lot to my fellow peers and also to some members in the community.

The “I-Statement” I chose to reflect upon was “I pledge to be mindful of my relationships and my actions both on and off campus.” The night of my fast, this girl had sent me some crazy message on Facebook that would have normally gotten me REALLY angry, to the point where I probably would have been verbally violent. Fortunately, I handle the situation very maturely even though I was furious at the whole situation.

Before I fell asleep, I thought about how I was very mindful about my actions while being in the position that I was in. I realized through this process, that if you think clearly about situations and the outcomes of what your actions can cause, and if you are mature in necessary situations, then your actions won’t turn out so negative toward yourself or the people around you.

Please comment on this post if you supported today’s faster or fasted in solidarity with our movement.

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Edited By: Yuvitza Rivera, Sophomore

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