Fasting for Peace – Day Twenty-Three

By: Edgar Flores, Junior

Edgar Flores (center), Life Academy junior and BAM member, fasted on 2/7/12.

During my fast, I chose to reflect on BAM/RAW’s commitment to build up peace in our community. Having the experience of not eating throughout the whole day was hard, but it was a privilege to know and understand why I’m doing this. During the day, I remembered that I was involved in resolving conflicts and establishing sustainable peace. To do that, I thought, was the best part of my day. It made me think differently and appreciate more in life, especially food.

On the other hand, the worse part of my day was being surrounded by food. The day of my fast was also the first day of my internship. I was not expecting to fast during that.

The “I-Statement” from our “Peace Pledge,” I chose to reflect upon was: “I pledge to not disrespect my community by trashing our environment. And, throughout the whole day, I stayed committed to not only trashing the environment, but also to throwing away the trash that I saw around me. Doing this made me think about how littering can attract more litter; and, by contrast, a clean community can discourage littering and improve a community’s appearance. A clean community can even improve the quality of life of people who live in that area. And, it just takes a person or a school to impact the behavior of others in their community!

My participation in the fast relay demonstrates how I care about changing myself and my community for the better. People usually think that teenagers don’t care, but I’m here to show that that is not true! And, that is what we are doing – By doing this peace movement, we are showing people that we really care.

Edited By: Eva Oliver, RAW Co-Coach



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