Fasting for Peace – Day Twenty-Six

By: Daryna Loch, Junior

During my fast, I chose to reflect on RAW/BAM’S commitment to peace building.  The best parts of my day were all the things I realized about my life during that moment. I realized that I am fortunate for the things that I have. The fast gave me time to reflect and appreciate life.

During my fast, I had a practice SAT exam in the morning, and it was hard to ignore my hunger.  What this meant to me was that we cannot just keep living life and ignore the issue of violence in our communities.

My friend, Phuong, and my sister, Davy, also chose to fast with me. I know that they were going through the same thing that I was, but together we were able to make it through. We talked about how hard it was to not eat for a full 24 hours.

Fasting was a difficult experience for me but it was worth it. It gave me a different perspective on life. For a moment I felt pain, just like the pain when our community hears about someone losing a love one due to violence.

This experience has changed me as a person. With the fasting band around my arm, I knew that many people were curious as to what it was, but they were afraid to ask. It should not be this way. People should ask questions because the more you know, the better. We need to start being mindful of the things that happened around us. We should not just let it slide. If we continue to live this way, we will not achieve peace that everyone deserves to have.

The “I” statement that I chose to reflect on was “I pledge to raise awareness about sexual assault and rape and to give voice to the victims of these crimes.” Many woman in the community have been through this tragedy and are sometimes are afraid to speak about it. I want victims to be able to have the strength and the courage to advocate for themselves. I have committed myself to let people know that everyone should have the chance to live a good life. People should not be afraid to step in their community and feel like something bad is going to happen.

The Season of Peace-Building is important because it shows that we care. It shows that we are the willing to take a stand for our community. By fasting, I know that it will not stop the violence, but it is a way of expressing our opinions. Instead of sitting around and wishing that the violence would stop, we are taking action, and every little effort counts. 

Please comment on this post if you supported today’s faster or fasted in solidarity with our movement.

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Edited By: Eva Oliver, RAW Co-Coach


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