Fasting for Peace – Day Thirty-One

By Diego Rivera, Freshman

Diego Rivera (right), Life Academy freshman and BAM member, fasted on 2/15/12.

On this fast, I was already expecting the hunger and the temptation, but I didn’t expect to feel somewhat scared and sad. I felt this way because a lot of kids and families go through this for months on end, until they can’t take the pain anymore. There was definitely people trying to make me break my fast early, but I didn’t because I knew I had the support from my peers, teachers, and family. During my fast, I valued my friends and family, but the number one thing on my mind was the smell of my mom’s cooking in the kitchen.

Edited by Yuvitza Rivera, Sophomore


By: Eddie Chao, Skyline High School student

This 24-hour time period of fasting has been a very humbling experience. My main thought during this time was, “Yeah, it’s a little painful at times, but it’s voluntary. Many people around this world face this pain all the time and they have no choice.” I felt really bad turning down food that was offered to me throughout the day because I know many others don’t even have the liberty to do so.

Another powerful point of reflection that came about in my meditations is that I truly recognized how insignificant some of our “so-called” problems are. I found myself to be more worried about how hungry I was, rather than how I was being judged. My more basic and primal nature came out, so I came to think more about my “needs” rather than my “wants.”

Being the first student at Skyline High School to pick up this fast was a little daunting, but I felt really great after receiving so much support from my friends, other students, and even the teachers at school. I was even encouraged to give a small presentation/speech about the “Season of Peace-Building” campaign in class by three different teachers and even told a couple friends about it.  This was a great part of my day, and I was ecstatic about the pure respect that I was given just for doing something very simple in support of a good cause.  But, I felt even better when I noticed how many people were ready and willing to pick-up the fast and support the cause.

To all those who supported: “salamat, kamsahamnida, muchas gracias, arigatou gozaimasu, and thank you.”

Please comment on this post if you supported today’s faster or fasted in solidarity with our movement.

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Edited By: Eva Oliver, RAW Co-Coach

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