Fasting for Peace – Day Forty-Seven

By: Yamira Ortiz, Senior

The day I participated in the Season of Peace Building by fasting, I was really nervous. I knew that I had kept my promise to shine light on a huge problem that we have in Oakland, which is violence and hatred. On March 2, 2012, I realized what sacrifice really meant and how my actions demonstrated my support to peace. I also found that my peers and friends were really supportive of my fast and gave me advice on how to fast and shared their personal experiences about when they fasted.

The best part of my day was having my advisee and other teachers joining me on my fast. The challenging part of my fast was during advisory time. My advisees planned a party full of food and drinks that I could not eat. Resisting all that food and celebration made me very sad and frustrated. My advisory tried to minimize the experience, which did help, and I appreciated that.

Overall, my fast was a learning experience that allowed me to dig within myself and find my inner strength to complete my fast. I had never fasted and never really understood what a fast meant nor the symbolic representation a fast has upon a movement. With the Season of Peace-Building, I started to understand what a fast meant, and I took the initiative to become a part of a student peace movement. I support our peace movement and hope that others can be moved, the way I have been moved.

Please comment on this post if you supported today’s faster or fasted in solidarity with our movement.

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Edited By: Eva Oliver, RAW Co-Coach


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