Fasting for Peace – Day Fifty-Five

By: Aly Bobulsky, Native American Health Center

My fast was a challenging, yet humbling experience for me. I felt blessed to have my friends Allison Millar and Kristen Rock fasting in solidarity with me. As the hours went by and my stomach emptied, I became frustrated that I could only focus on my hunger and nothing else. Going into my fast, I expected to have some deep revelations about the meaning of peace and justice, and the roots of violence, but my head just felt so clouded.  It is not until now (a few days after my fast) that I have bit more clarity.

The statement “I pledge to see the beauty in and empathize with everyone” has resonated the most with me. I willingly deprived myself for a short 24 hours, yet there are countless people in Oakland and around the world whose basic needs are not met each day.  It was my choice to fast, and I can only begin to empathize with those who do not have the same privilege of that choice.  Those who are deprived of love, food, belonging, education, healthcare, and beyond, hold a hunger much deeper than my empty stomach.  I began to understand how these people may make compromised decisions and act out in violent ways.

The youth of Life Academy are taking such an important first step towards peace through inward reflection and building a sacred community. I am inspired by their drive and their refusal to be indifferent. It has reenergized me in my own work and how I can continue to build peace beyond my fast.

Please comment on this post if you supported today’s faster or fasted in solidarity with our movement.

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Edited By: Yuvitza Rivera, Sophomore


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