Fasting for Peace – Day Fifty-Six

By: Loraine Woodard, Reading Specialist

Loraine Woodward (left), Life Academy Reading Specialist, fasted on 3/11/12.

It’s hard to stop eating. It’s hard to stop violence. As I stopped eating for a day, I was constantly aware that I was forcing my mind to think in a different way – that even though my body was saying, “Eat, there’s some food and it will be nice to eat,” I didn’t partake. It helped so much that this was part of a community action. Many others, students I teach and colleagues, have also been fasting for the same cause in the last few weeks. I had a strong sense that this is solidarity, we’re all in this problem together and we’re seeking solutions together.

Together we can summon up strength, and this is noticed. How does it stop violence? If we can control our bodies and minds to stop eating, we can also learn to react to people in nonviolent ways. I don’t get into fights, but I do get angry and sometimes hurt people with my words and actions. Today I committed – recommitted – to being a non-violent person.

We are taught violence and now we can teach ourselves that we have the power to change. Maybe the murderers out there right now don’t care if I fasted, but maybe someone in their lives will teach them they can learn to react differently. Maybe that “somebody” will have been touched and inspired by our fast relay. Maybe we’ll all learn that we can make a difference by speaking out and taking action. Many others have made a difference by fasting and I’m proud to be part of this group. SI SE PUEDE!

Edited By: Yuvitza Rivera, Sophomore


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