Fasting for Peace – Day Fifty-Three

By: Katebah Al-Olefi, Freshman

Katebah Al-Olefi (right), Life Academy freshman and RAW member, fasted on 3/8/12.

Katebah (second from the right) asked her sister (Khawlah - second from the left) and her friends (Natalie - left - and Jennifer - right) to fast with her.

Through out my fast, I felt really thirsty even though I was sipping water like every two minutes. I had to refill my water bottle many times. In a way, I finally drank the recommended eight glasses of water and more.

The I-statements I chose was: “I pledge to defend others who cannot defend themselves” and “I pledge to raise awareness about sexual assault and rape and to give voice to the victims of these crimes.” When I was reflecting, the I-statement, “I pledge to defend other that cannot defend themselves,” I was thinking of the immigrants who come here from troubled countries top find a better life and who often can’t get any help because they don’t know many people who they trust who can speak their language.

The best part of the day was going to sleep because I knew that I was finally part of change. Any you know what? It felt great!

My participation in the fast relay demonstrated my commitment to the Season of Peace Building because I was one of the many committed students who sacrificed their bodies to take stand up to the violence going on around our community and, of course, to also build peace.

My advisees as well as my sister fasted along with me. It was great because I knew I wasn’t alone in this fast. I have fasted in Ramadan a holy month in my religion, Islam, where one goes from sun up to sundown without eating or drinking any liquids. That was hard because I wasn’t even allowed to drink water, yet this fast relay was even harder because it was for twenty-four hours! I made it through even though it was hard since my mother made my favorites, shish kebabs and hummus the day I was fasting.


Edited By: Eva Oliver, RAW Co-Coach


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