Fasting for Peace – Day Fifty-Eight

By Henry Jean-Philippe, Junior

Henry Jean-Philippe (left), Life Academy junior and BAM member, fasted on 3/13/12.

During my past I felt pretty neutral. The best part about it was that this opportunity gave me something to pay attention to and feel the pain of people who feel like they have something missing from their lives such as food or even a loved one. The worst part about fasting was not being able to eat. I had to isolate myself away from certain people in order to stay focus on what I wanted to accomplish for that day.

The “I -statement” that I reflected on was, “I promise to never abuse my partner physically or emotionally and to protest against any instances of domestic and teen dating violence.” I thought this was a pledge that stuck out to me because many people don’t pay attention to their partner’s emotions and don’t tend to find out ways to help him/her. Sometimes, we need to find a way to calm ourselves down in order to listen to what our partner is trying to tell us.

My participation in the Fast Relay has been very successful. A group of students and I went out to various school campuses and explained what the Season of Peace Building is all about. I also managed to collect a good amount of signatures from time to time as well. I tried to get my little sister to fast with me as well and a couple of my mom’s friends to do so too. I feel like I accomplished something greater than the usual. Sometimes, we have to make a sacrifice in order to be progressive and push forward into a better future.

Edited By: Eva Oliver, RAW Co-Coach


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