Fasting for Peace – Day Sixty-Three

By Alex Vila, Life Academy Consultant

Is in my hunger, as I fast, and my inner fight right now that I meditate on the daily struggle of our human condition to choose peace over our instincts of survival when our basic needs are taken away from us. Oakland if we want peace we must feed our inner hunger for education, equality, justice and work for our people.

 I do not feel at peace, I am struggling with these lack of food in my system, I am counting the minutes to the end of this fast, but yet for my communities in oppression, specially the poor and youth of color in places like Oakland, there is not a end of the hunger for equality. There is not a ceremony with a group of people that loves you waiting at the end of your mother or father beating you because they are stressed. There is not an apple waiting at noon to symbolize that the time of suffering is over after you survived your family long addition to drugs and alcohol. In Oakland, there are not circles that celebrate our 24 hours of sacrifice, because usually it is multi-generational learning of anger turned into violence that is so deep in our streets that we do not even hear ourselves bad mouth each other in anger, call someone a bad name out of frustration, or use language that is divisive to an ally of a privilege background… we are so hungry we do not see our anger that seeds destruction no more. We do not hold a circle, we just keep in fasting for things that are god giving rights: Shelter, Education, Equality, Safety and Food.
I am in pain but mine will end at 12;45 pm tomorrow… when would our pain in Oakland end? When do we plan for the community circles to pass the apple to everyone, specially my youth from targeted communities.

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