Fasting for Peace – Day Sixty-Six

By: Arturo Orellana, Sophomore

Arturo Orellana (right), Life Academy sophomore, fasted on 3/21/12. He asked his friend, Edgar Lopez, to fast with him.

Edgar Lopez, Life Academy sophomore, fasted with Arturo Orellana.

My fast was challenging, but it did feel good to do something that will have an effect on our community. The first few hours of my fast were easy because I was distracted by schoolwork and my after school program, which gave me a few hours to not concentrate on my hunger. But, later on, when I got home I started to get really hungry. The only way I was able get my mind off my hunger was playing video games. I also thought of my friend, Edgar Lopez, who was fasting with me, which I thought was cool of him.

I chose to reflect on the statement: “I pledge to see the beauty in and empathize with everyone.” When I started to reflect on that pledge, I thought of the people who don’t have a choice if they want to eat or not and how I don’t appreciate most of the food I eat. Then, I thought some of the reasons that the violence that is going on. I think it is because people don’t get enough food or the things they need in life, and that really made me glade for all the things I have. I am proud of myself for following through with my fast.

Please comment on this post if you supported today’s faster or fasted in solidarity with our movement.

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By: Eva Oliver, RAW Co-Coach


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