Fasting for Peace – Day Seventy-Four

By Venus Mesui, The Mother at Life Academy and RAW Co-Coach

Venus Mesui (adult near the center), RAW Co-Coach, fasted on 3/29/12 with six student members of her advisory.

 The “I Statement” I reflected on was “I pledge to defend those who cannot defend themselves.” My morning was very hectic as usual, but I was able to eat a good breakfast and I also managed to eat 2-pieces of fruit. I had a salad ready for lunch right before my fast started. Unfortunately things got busy around the office and by the time I went upstairs to meet with our BAM and RAW Members the circle was already in process, therefore I was not able to eat lunch and the last time I had eaten was about 9:30 a.m. Thursday 03/29. I felt good and I did not focus on not being able to partake in my pasta spinach salad, I focused on my “I Statement”.
 I went through the rest of my day like usual and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be until about 4:25 a.m. Friday morning. I got up feeling hungry and a little ill from not being able to eat. I have a medical condition that made me ill from not eating but I took the advice of the faster before me and drank room temperature water and focused on our Peace March that was going to take place at 9:00 a.m. the same morning. I also thought to myself that I was very fortunate to be able to chose when I can eat, what I want to eat, and on occasions select a nice restaurant to have my meals, I just named 3-things that I can do when and if I chose I have choices and many people in the world do not.Then I felt guilty for thinking how I would get through the next couple of hours because I did not get to eat my pasta salad for lunch and that sadden me to think how selfish my thoughts were and how many people in the world go without food, drink, and the essential things in life that I take advantage of and do not truly appreciate. I thought of my friends, family, students, and staff members that agreed to fast with me during the day of our fast. I felt so loved and honored and respected to know that I had all this wonderful support.
Life Academy’s Peace March was the next morning and it was amazing. We had Aztec Dancers open the ceremony for us and we also had over 300 people from our community that participated in our Peace March. Our City Officials including Mayor Quan joined us at our destination which was Peralta Hacienda Park. This was the highlight of my fast and I was not even thinking about my hunger that haunted me since 4:25 a.m. that morning. My hope is that every victim that suffers physical and mental abuse have access and support in their communities. That families suffering from the lost of loved ones to violence find peace and understanding at some time in their lives. That people see the beauty in themselves and understand that we are more then what we see in the mirror, we are soldiers that must deliver the message of Peace to our Communities. We are Peace Builders and I, Venus-Vernadine E. Mesui pledge to be a Peace Builder for the rest of my life and beyond.
Please comment on this post if you supported today’s faster or fasted in solidarity with our movement.

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