Life Academy Perspectives: Respecting Student Voices

By Eliott Ahumada, Sophomore

To listen to the audio: More Than Just Immature

More Than Just Immature

“Stupid teenagers” a phrase used commonly by people who believe that their sense of maturity is superior and that every young person is ignorant.

This act of discrimination is found amongst adults who believe they are correct and kids have nothing to teach. This is in fact a lie, kids offer fresh new ideas to the problems of adults without the pessimistic thoughts. It is even our job to expand our minds and make new connections in school. All this yet people still look down on us.

A few years ago I was invited to a community meeting and I was looking for the entrance when I approached the door the person in front would not let me in told me  I had to wait for my mom or dad for me to go inside. When I told them that I was here by myself, she told me that this was a meeting for adults not kids. I had to call the person how invited me to come out and let me inside. This was extremely insulting to me because I was there invited to share my ideas yet the ladies assumption was that I had nothing to contribute, but trouble

Now that I am a little bit older I still feel like I am still looked down on but I still spread my ideas around in school and my community. And I am not alone. There are many kids who are well versed in social and political issues and they’re not afraid to share their opinions. There are always kids who speak up for the immigration, animal rights, violence and the environment.

The really sad part is that every old person has once been a young person at a certain time. It’s almost as if they forget that they too were once kids with ideas ready to burst out while the older people looked down on them. Its almost as if it’s an endless cycle.

I could just wait to be an adult to share my ideas, but some are needed now and I feel that if I don’t speak out no one else will. In fact I may ask some of my middle school counter parts for help.

With a youthful perspective, I’m Eliott Ahumada


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