Fasting for Peace – Day Five

By Ilse , Sophomore

Ilse Pic

Coming soon Ilse’s reflection!


Fasting in Solidarity with Ilse was Carlos A. Cabana, Life Academy Teacher

I want to dedicate today’s fast to Steve Sauve. When I moved to Minnesota for high school, Steve was one of the first friends I made.  He and four other students became my circle of friends, and we traveled in a pack to many of the same classes. We would also spend time together after school and over the summer.

Mid-way through our senior year, Steve killed himself.  None of us knew why, or even that he was in pain.  Years later, I came to wonder if Steve was gay and too ashamed to say so. The real tragedy for me is that whatever the cause of his pain, I did not ever show him that I could be an ally or an understanding ear.  I am still saddened by the thought that, despite a loving family and some close friends, Steve felt that he could trust no one with his troubles.  I will forever regret not being able to show him that I loved him enough, so that he could trust me.

I have known students who have been killed, and others imprisoned or victimized by drugs.  I’ve known young men and women who have despaired enough to abandon school or to turn from friends and family to the false community of a gang.  I hope that, by our school community making a strong statement together, we can inspire alternatives.  But I also hope that we can convince a friend who is suffering a quiet, deep pain that we stand with him or her.

Please comment on this post if you supported today’s faster or fasted in solidarity with our movement.

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