Fasting for Peace – Day Ten

By Alexander Rice,  Life Academy Teacher

Fasting for me was very tiring, especially after going on mini-hike Sunday morning, but I ate a solid meal, lots of fruits and veggies, and felt ready to go by midday. The 24-hour fast was physically and mentally challenging, but it gave me an opportunity to reflect on how I can promote peace. The fast has provided an opportunity to talk with others about working for peace, and being mindful of your interactions with others – which I pledged to do during the Unity Circle in the Teen Center.

The conversations I engaged in with people in my community were very spirited and thought provoking, and we all enjoyed hearing each others ideas about peace. These conversations were the favorite part of my day, though the PB&J I ate after breaking my fast was also a big highlight! The Unity Circles I participated in on Friday and Monday were also very uplifting and cool.

I look forward to continuing to advocate for changes in federal, state and local gun-control laws. Specifically, in Advisory we will continue to write letters to elected officials about the need for change, and will focus on sending letters to the Chairmen of the Congressional Committee on Gun Control.

Please comment on this post if you supported today’s faster or fasted in solidarity with our movement.

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One comment on “Fasting for Peace – Day Ten

  1. Cara Johnson says:

    Great idea for an advisory activity! This is one way that youth can have a very real voice in influencing policy decisions

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