Fasting for Peace – Day Thirteen

By Estefanya Lira, Freshman

To me participating in the Season of Peacebuilding Relay-Fast, felt good. It was a wonderful experience to participate as a RAW sister because many people looked up to someone who was doing something good. The Season of Peace Building began at Life Academy because of the 3 losses of young people due to gun violence. Our lost classmates, I feel, are still here with us in our hearts, supporting us through the Season of Peace Building.

Being able to fast was a good experience, that showed how we were trying to build peace. Whether we start to build peace from the bottom or the middle we are going to make it higher. We are going to let Oakland, California, and the whole world know  what we can do to make change. We will support the families who have been affected by violence as well. Fasting was a great opportunity to increase peace, because even though violence can not be stopped, at least there will be less violence in our community.

Please comment on this post if you supported today’s faster or fasted in solidarity with our movement.

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