Fasting for Peace – Day Fifteen

By Ashley McCue, Youth Developer

My fasting experience was one that made me feel uplifted, proud, ill, and disappointed. I am truly honored to participate in a campaign that has so much passion and momentum. My hope was to feel more apart of the uplifted/unstoppable community Life Academy has created around the Season of Peace Building, and fasting did just that. I was proud to tell my friends and family what I was doing and why. On the other side of the spectrum, I unfortunately woke up with a sore throat the morning my fasting was to initiate. As I write this reflection the day I break my fast, I am afraid my body is now sickly. I am disappointed to have become sick during this experience because I think it took away from my body and mind’s healthy response to fasting and general excitement about the experience.

During my fast, I reflected on the pledge “I understand I am an important part of a learning environment” because as my life goes through some major changes I realize more than ever that life is about learning EVERY second and in every moment. Often do I find myself wishing I had done something or said something in a previous moment, both in my personal life and as a role model at Life Academy. My part in our learning environment is ever changing and everyday has its own battles/experiences that help me see our community better and in various lights. As I searched for people to pledge for peace along with us, I found them elated by the chance to LEARN about a movement within their community. Most were inspired and in awe of the work of this campaign. I am proud of these signatures, but while walking around retrieving pledges, I remember passing by a group of people who seemed to be disgruntled with each other. It was that crowd that I should have stepped into and enlightened them about the Season of Peace Building. Peace begins within ourselves and is expressed through how you treat others, and that group of people needed to hear that. Next time, I will be fearless and tackle the calloused community members in order to make this campaign have greater impact.

Thank you RAW and BAM for continuing this campaign. I look forward to seeing it play out for years to come, until Oakland is a safer place for everyone.

Please comment on this post if you supported today’s faster or fasted in solidarity with our movement.

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