Peace Building Spirit Week!

During our Fast Relay, the ladies of RAW decided to promote peace throughout their school by having a Peace Building Spirit Week. To motivate their classmates, they converted this event into a advisory challenge. The advisory with the most people dressed would win! However, they had to send in photos in order to prove that they were dressed. The advisory who one for high school was Ms. Hatch’s! And the middle school advisory who won was Mr. Cabana’s! Below you will find pictures of this two winning advisories and a few other pictures from other advisories.

Day One-  Teacher/Student Day (…dress like the one who inspires you)

Spirit Day1 1

Spirit Day1 2


Day Two- Memorial Day (…represent a loved one who passed away) 

Spirit Day2 1

Spirit Day2 2

Spirit Day2 3

Spirit Day2 4

Day Three- White Out Day (…because white is the color of peace)

Spirit Day3 1

Spirit Day3 2

Spirit Day3 3

Spirit Day3 4

Spirit Day3 5

Spirit Day3 6

Day Four- Rainbow Day (…in the name of acceptance, wear as many colors as you can!)

Spirit Day4 1

Spirit Day4 2

Spirit Day4 3

Spirit Day4 4

Day Five-  Peace and Love Day (…let your inner hippie out)

Spirit Day5 1

Spirit Day5 2

photo (1)

Spirit Day5 3


Ms. Hatch’s Winning Class!

Spirit Week Celebration


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