Fasting for Peace – Day Twenty

By Samuel Garcia, Youth Developer

During my fasting experience, I realized how lucky and blessed I am. I felt and feel super fortunate to be part of such an amazing community. At first, I felt really challenged in my ability to go without food for 24 hours-I am constantly eating! The youth and my new community, Oakland, really inspired me. At one point I was really cranky, impatient, and hungry! I had family members tell me that I should just eat, that me fasting would not change anything. That, in turn, made me me even more determined to continue because I had to educate my own family.

The culminating point however, came at night. As I laid in bed I felt an outpour of emotions. It was as if something clicked. I thought of BAM, RAW, the amazing staff, directors, the youth, the parents. I thought of all their struggles. I thought of our city’s struggle and as I laid there, in the darkness, hungry and tired, I felt empowered. I felt connected. I felt full;full with love, drive, and hope.

The next day I did not awake hungry, tired, or cranky. I had achieved something. I had collected pledges. I was contributing to raising awareness about an issue that affects too many. I had such an appreciation for life. An appreciation to have grown up in a relatively peaceful community. That appreciation made me want to fight so that others can feel the same about their community. This experience is something that has been planted within me to grow, and to continue fighting for those who cannot defend themselves. I am a part of a leaning an environment and I need to be great so that I can inspire greatness in others. Thank you Season of Peace Building Campaign and to all of those who have the strength and courage to have a VOICE. SI se puede!!!

Please comment on this post if you supported today’s faster or fasted in solidarity with our movement.

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