Fasting for Peace – Day Twenty-Five

By Brenda Barragan, Sophomore

During my fast I didn’t feel really hungry. I would have to thank my family for all the support that they gave me and for making this a great and magnificent experience. But as timed passed I realized that I was starting to get hungry. At the same time, I had to stay strong because one day of not eating is basically nothing compared to the kids out in the world that don’t have anything to eat for days.

Before my fast I decided to choose the pledge, “I pledge not to bring drama or discrimination into our community”. I chose this because I truly believe that drama is a huge cause for all the violence in our community. People might not really see it, but people that cause conflicts make much more damage that they think they do. Plus drama escalates and even though it might just be a little thing, it turns out to be a totally huge problem which leads to someone getting severely hurt.

I believe that our community should leave aside our differences because even if every single one of us has something that distinguishes us from everybody else, we are all equal in so many ways. We shouldn’t be creating drama because that creates violence. We want to live in a safe community. We want to be united, but to be united we need all the community to put a little effort into creating change, and creating peace.

Please comment on this post if you supported today’s faster or fasted in solidarity with our movement.

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One comment on “Fasting for Peace – Day Twenty-Five


    Brenda! I am honored by your reflection and your acknowledgement of your family. Please send them all my saludos and know that i miss all my Town Visionaries and BAM/RAW fam…when i feel really stuck out here, unsure of why i’m working in education, i only need to read these reflections and then im like “wow, young people ARE changing the world” and i wanna help! Gracias for helping me keep my head up.

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