Fasting for Peace – Day Thirty

By Rowan Driscoll, Life Academy Teacher

As a child of the farm, food security was never an issue. We sat down as a family almost every night.  As I approached my fast, I was anxious that I would struggle and be unable to function.  I ate a huge breakfast and thought to myself, “waste not, want not”.

The first couple of hours were difficult because I was at home. We have lots of healthy snacks and I have such an ingrained habit to go graze on food from the refrigerator.  A couple of times I had to stop myself as the food was mid way to my mouth!

The most challenging aspect of the who fast was actually six hours into the fast on Saturday night.  My friends had invited me to a St. Patty’s day feast and at the time I accepted, I had forgotten about the conflicting obligation.  The fact was that when I arrived they asked if I was going to remain true to my fast.  They’re good people who live in Oakland and they knew what the fast was about, but they still pushed me to join them in eating.  “Nobody will know!”, is what they told me.  The pressure to give in was very disconcerting but I held my position and continued my fast.  It was awkward to maintain that integrity in front of hosts who had spent so much time preparing delicious treats. I realize now how hard it is for some people to do the right thing and not perpetuate violence when their peers are encouraging the wrong behavior.

Please comment on this post if you supported today’s faster or fasted in solidarity with our movement.

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